How to find the right car seat for your child

554Parents need to plan various things when they welcome a baby in their family. One of these things is choosing the right car seat for the baby. All those parents who are having their baby in the hospital will even require placing him or her safely while returning home. While many parents opt for second hand car seats, it is advisable not to do so. It is necessary to make sure that the car seat was not involved in an incident of crash. Even minor wear and tear might be unsafe for the baby.

Before selecting the right seat

While selecting the car seat, parents need to understand the complete guide to find a convertible car seat. They need to know how to install the car seat and even use it for the baby. The instruction manual that comes with the car seat comes handy for first time buyers. There are several things that need to be considered while selecting a car seat for the baby. Selection of the right car seat for the baby is based on his or her age and weight. Parents or caregivers should make sure that the car seat is properly installed.

Different requirements of children

The needs of infants vary, depending on their age, weight and height. The type of car seat used needs to be changed as the child grows. Many parents opt for infant car seats earlier and then, the regular ones when the child reaches a certain age. However, some parents opt for convertible car seats.

Depending on the car

While selecting a car seat, parents should always make sure that the seat will fit their car. At times, many seats do not have adaptable features and they fail to fit in a car. The seat should fit the car perfectly. There should be no difficulty in fastening the seat in place. While installing, the user should make sure that the seat is held tightly.

Depending on the child

Car seats are designed and classified based on the groups and even stages of the kid. It is simple and safe when the seat is chosen depending on the weight and age of the baby. Right from the birth or the baby, till it weighs around 13kg, the baby will require a rear-facing car seat. Till the baby reaches this weight, the baby is around 18 months in age. This group is classified as Group 0. Other groups are as follows: 9kg to 18kg, where the baby is between 9 months to 4 years, which is group 1; 15kg to 25kg, where the baby is up to 6 years, which is group 2; and 22kg to 36kg where the baby is up to 12 years, which is group 3.

Rear facing car seat

The rear facing car seat is known as infant car seat or infant carriers. Such car seats are designed for the safety of the baby. They give crucial support to the head and neck region of the babies. Till the time the crown of the baby does not reach the top of the seat, it will be beneficial for him or her to seat facing the rear of the car for safety purposes. Infant carriers feature handles that allow parents to move their baby inside or outside the car, without the risk of waking him or her.

Benefits of choosing different car seats

The requirements of infants vary as they grow. The car seats are designed depending on the safety needs of the baby. For instance, infant carriers come with baby pillows that prevent them from wobbling. Infant carriers are generally used for first three months. For new born babies, group 0 infant seats are best. These seats lie flat and are specially designed with cushion and extra support for premature babies. Infant seats offer healthiest position to the spine as well as lungs of babies, especially during long journeys.

Other types of car seats

When the child reaches 4 years of age, she should be allowed to use front facing car seats. However, parents should make sure they use harness for offering additional safety. When the child outgrows this type of seat, which is around 7 years of age, they are offered the booster seats. Kids are given booster seats till the time their height and weight is ideal to fit in the seat belt.

How to make sure that your home is safe for children

Concerning Safety Measures for Baby

22The arrival of baby brings in bundle of joy, happiness, prosperity and glory in the life of parents. A baby completely transforms the life for them. Till the time baby is breathing in the womb of its mother, its complete safety depends on her. But when he or she is welcomed in this world, it becomes very essential for parents to become extra conscious and cautious for their baby’s safety. It is very important for them to do a review of things that could bring in risk or hazard to the baby. Since baby spends majority of its growing time in home, it becomes important for parents to identify certain risky situations that can take place in home itself.

What are the immediate safety measures?

It is very essential for parents to ensure a proper living environment for their babies. Babies are extremely delicate till they reach the age of five. During this basic five years of their time, the body might get prone to several diseases hence an appropriate ventilation is very important. Timely vaccination is very essential. Parents should regularly visit their child specialist. Learn about certain safety ways that would ensure home to be a safe place for their children.

1. Prevention from falls: Falls are one of the most common situations that a child goes through. While the baby starts crawling, there are higher risks of falling from stairs, steps, bed, etc… Parents should ensure to check whether the stairs and the way are not congested with things. This could lead to falling. Worn carpets and mats should be immediately removed. Rugs should be equipped with non slip pads.

2. Safeguarding patio doors and windows: Doors and windows calls for a great amount of risk for crawling babies. Hence, they should ensure certain measures that safeguard baby. It is advisable to install blinds and curtains that have no cords on it. Place stickers or pictures on sliding glass doors so that it prevents the baby from getting banged on door. Avoid placing a stool or climbing object near window area.

3. Equip Baby Monitors in their room: Baby monitors have become very essential for parents who need to look after other work as well apart from taking care of their baby. The device ensures great amount of safety. The transmitter of baby monitor is placed near baby while the receiver is with any of the parent. With the slightest movement or sound of baby, parents would get a sound alert via receiver. This would alert the parent to go to the baby to ensure his or her safety. Find the best baby monitor 2014 on Watch My Tot which not only provides you with genuine reviews on baby monitors but also helps you choose the best deals online.

4. Protecting those little fingers: Since babies are very curious about everything around them, they tend to touch them with their cute looking little fingers. Hence it becomes essential for parents to eliminate things that could be risky for kids. Electronic socket points, drawers, inner area of doors, etc… are very risky for baby. Hence they should be out of baby’s reach.

5. Protect from drowning: Once the baby starts crawling, it feels like discovering every corner in living space. Babies are quite curious to enter bathrooms. Since bathroom is equipped with water full of bucket, they tend to take the support of bucket and stand up. Hence, parents should ensure to vacant the bucket and tubs for safeguarding them from drowning.